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Parent Access to Connect is active.

Connect Registration Form for Parents

The Department of Education’s online environment called Connect will provide teachers, students and parents with secure access to a collaborative online learning environment via the internet.

Find below a printed flyer with information about Connect or you can view a brief video providing an overview of Connect by typing this URL into the address bar of your internet browser.        Connect Parent Flyer

The aim of Connect is to provide a secure internet service that will allow teachers at Wanneroo Secondary College to provide information about the teaching and learning activities occurring directly to the parents of students.

Participation in Connect is optional for parents, if you would like to take part you will require internet access and a computer.  No additional software is required. The Department of Education will issue you with a unique user name and password which will provide you with access to Connect.

Initially, Connect will allow teachers to provide general class information to you about the teaching and learning activities that his/her class are undertaking. In the future, the service may be further developed to allow more flexible communication between parents and teachers as well as providing personalised information about your child’s learning activities and progress.

In order for you to take part in Connect, please review the attached Conditions of Use and, if you agree, please sign the Connect Registration for Parents form (above) and return this to the school. You will then be emailed with your confidentially issued unique user name and password as well as access details for Connect.

When parents log in they can see information specific to their own child/ren such as:

  • The classes in which their children are engaged;
  • Class calendars;
  • Week by week attendance information;
  • Assessment Outlines information drawn from Reporting to Parents (secondary);
  • Assessments and evidence for their own child; and
  • Notices from classes that automatically generate an email notification for your parents

Parents with multiple children only need one login – even if their children attend different schools.

A letter has been sent home to parents about Connect along with a flyer and a registration form.  When these is received back at school it will be used to update the parent email address in SIS and can then be kept on record.

An email has been sent to parents who have already returned their registration form to notify them of their login (a P000123 number) and password.  I’ve included a copy of this email below so you can see what it looks like.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are planning to engage your parents with Connect.

  1. Providing parent access to Connect is a decision that should be considered with whole school impact in mind.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to get all parents engaged in the first instance but consideration should be given to how you will communicate with parents about Connect access, how you will manage expectations of parents across the school if some classes have information and other don’t, how you will manage expectations of teachers with regard to workload, etc.
  2. Getting started with Connect for Parents may range from a small trial with a few parents, to an implementation of one or two classes, right through to a whole school approach including creating a whole school flexible class.
  3. Parents will gain most from Connect when there is something in Connect for them to see.   Teachers who actively use Connect to post class images, notices, assessments and other useful information will give parents good reason to engage.
  4. There’s useful video in Connect that you could use to show parents what Connect is all about.  It is also available from Youtube

This is a sample of the email that is automatically generated from DAM when you confirm the accounts.  It is sent to the parent’s nominated email account.

Dear xxxxx,

You have now been set up with access to Connect, your place to engage in your child’s learning journey.

To get started, please click here and log in using your Username and Password:

Username: P000xxxx

Password: Kdbur4

Click on the ‘My Connect’ tab. Under ‘My Account’ click on ‘Change Password’. This will allow you to set up your own personalised and secure password for accessing Connect. If you ever forget your password you can reset it by clicking on the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link on the Sign In screen.

Once in Connect you can:

  • Click on the ‘Class Notices’ tab to view notices created by your child’s teachers. Notices will also be emailed directly to your nominated email address and can be accessed on smart phones and mobile devices anywhere, anytime;
  • Access ‘My Children’ to find specific information related to your children.
  • Access ‘Classes’ to view class information, including an event calendar, class resources and links, as well as class activities.

Some of these features are optional for teachers to use, so they may not be set up for your classes.

We hope that you enjoy the Connect experience and invite you to share your experiences through the Feedback link in Connect.