Keeping Safe in Cyberspace


Keep up to date & informed –

There are many issues that can arise when using any social networking. It is important that if you ever feel uncomfortable about something you read or see online that you talk to someone.
The most common problems encountered using social media are;
tiny-star Misunderstandings
tiny-star Posting pictures without consent
tiny-star Forwarding pictures without consent
tiny-star Name calling
tiny-star Thinking that you have privacy
tiny-star Sharing a password
tiny-star Leaving your network site open and unattended
tiny-star Threatening language and/or statements

Parents can help by monitoring networks used by their children and making themselves available in case any problems arise.

Below are some tips to help you stay safe online.cyber1

Using social network sites:

tiny-star Protect your accounts with ‘strong’ passwords and change them regularly, e.g. mix cases and characters: eg:T3onG
tiny-star Have a different password for each networking site so that if one password is stolen, not all of your accounts will be at risk
tiny-star Never share your password with anyone else, except your parents
tiny-star Set your online profile to private and be careful who you accept as your ‘friend’
tiny-star Check security settings regularly as sites can reset to ‘open’
tiny-star Always log out of the site and don’t leave it as your screen saver
tiny-star Think before you post – anything typed can be printed and used by others
tiny-star Don’t post personal information – like your phone number, address, daily routine, or school
tiny-star Don’t post inappropriate photos of yourself– once posted the site owns the photos
tiny-star Don’t post inappropriate photos of others without permission-this could be illegal
tiny-star Don’t forward inappropriate photos without permission-this could be illegal
tiny-star Never click on suspicious links – even if they are from your friends
tiny-star Be wary of strangers – people are not always who they say they are
tiny-star Use the delete button rather than replying to negative posts
tiny-star Check if the site is ‘moderated’ and has a ‘report abuse’ button
tiny-star Alert the site (report button/flag item) if a posting is made without agreement or is offensive
tiny-star Type your social networking website address into your browser or use a bookmark


If online behaviour involves sexual exploitation or other criminal activity you should report this to local police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Steps to help deal with cyber bullying

1) Ignore it and don’t respond.
2) Block the person.
3) Copy & store. Save texts, emails or voicemails as evidence.
4) Report it to:

tiny-star Your parent/caregiver
tiny-star Your school
tiny-star Police (000) or Crime Stoppers (1800 333 000) if there is a threat to your safety

College Action
We will copy the evidence and require speedy removal of the posting by the person who posted it. Where this is not possible the posting will be flagged / reported to the site administrator.
Respect yourself and respect others.




Net Alert Helpline: 1800 880 176