When should I enrol my child?

You can enrol your child at any time. Enrolment applications are available from the front office reception. Each year, at the end of semester one, we will send out enrolment applications to all the local Year 6  primary school students .

How can I become involved with the college?

We love to meet the parents of our students so you could get involved with the P & C or College Board. Also, you could join in on year group assemblies and sausage sizzles. Please come to our

tiny-star Parent Information Evenings
tiny-star Sports Carnivals
tiny-star School Plays, Art Exhibitions and Musical Recitals

P & C

Wanneroo Secondary College welcomes new parents and invites you to be part of the College’s Parents & Citizens Committee.  Meetings take place on the third Monday of each month at 5:00pm in the Conference Room. Have your say, attend a meeting whenever you can.

College Board

The College Board advises the Principal and Business Manager when setting the directions of the College, in particular matters relating to the development of academic and non academic targets and finance.  The Board is composed of five parents and two staff members, elected, as well as three co-opted members from business and the community. Please contact the college if you require further information.

Do I have to pay my school fees? If so, how much must I pay? Can I pay by instalments?

All Contributions and Charges are used for the benefit of your student, being used for the purchase of classroom materials and resources.  It is only fair that all families contribute towards the resources used by all students.  All charges are compulsory, and relate to courses/options your child has elected to study.

The expectation is that Contributions and Charges will be paid in full OR a payment plan commenced / negotiated by the end of February.  Should you wish to discuss options please contact the Business Manager or Ms Trinette Graf on 9206 6555

If you find it difficult to make these payments, please contact us and we can help by making a payment plan.

The office is open to receive your payments between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday.  Payments by Direct Deposit may be made at any time.  If you are only making a part payment, please indicate clearly what the payment is for.  It is important that all the details shown below are completed accurately for each student that you are making a payment for.  This will enable us to credit the payment to the correct account.

Payments may be made by the following methods:
tiny-star By Direct Deposit, using our bank details listed below. Please include your student’s name on all payments (eg SMITH, JOHN) to allow us to credit the correct account.

Direct Deposit Details:  
Account Name: Wanneroo Secondary College
BSB: 016 249
A/C: 3409 56463

tiny-star By Mail,using your Visa or MasterCard, or by cheque. (Please make cheques payable to Wanneroo Secondary College.)  If paying by mail please use the cut off slip previously sent to you, (details below).

by mail

tiny-star By Phone, using your Visa or MasterCard.

tiny-star In person, using your Visa or MasterCard, EFTPOS, cash or by cheque (please make cheques payable to Wanneroo Secondary College).

What do I do if my child is late?

Students who are late to school should sign in at student services as soon as they arrive. If you can ring, send a note or call in with your child to verify their lateness this will avoid letters being sent home and automated SMS being received through the day.

What if my child has an appointment or is sick?

A student may be absent from school due to temporary ill health or “any other reasonable cause” such as family commitments (bereavement/religious). Swimming Carnivals, Athletics Carnivals and other special days are normal attendance school days.

When absences occur, they must be explained within three days of the start of the absence. Information supplied should include the student’s name, year and the actual dates of absence. This can be done in the following ways:

tiny-star By ringing the Absentee Hotline 9206 6565. This line is open 24 hours a day.
tiny-star By responding to the SMS message. eg Mary Donaldson Yr 9 sick with flu. The SMS number is 0407 983 874 (SMS only, not for phone calls).
tiny-star Email to [email protected] In the email, give the student’s name, year and the reason for the absence. or
tiny-star Send a note with the child when they return to school.
tiny-star Fax the College. Fax Number 9306 3655
tiny-star The College will also send out a letter to parents giving the details of any unexplained absences on a weekly basis.

Students with excellent attendance will be rewarded with a Merit Certificate each Semester and will become eligible for reward activities.

The health service (school nurse) is not designed to provide care for sick students who should otherwise be at home.  If a child becomes unwell or hurt at school, a parent will be called from reception, where basic first aid could be administered while waiting for arranged collection.  Please be aware that no medication is kept at the college.


An SMS alert will automatically be sent to your mobile phone advising you if your child has been marked absent in any of the classes prior to 10.30.

If my child is away, can I get work for them?

Vacation: As a general rule the College does not set work for students who are absent due to a vacation. Students experience considerable difficulty when doing prolonged individual study without a teacher’s assistance and encouragement.  Because of these difficulties, as well as the distractions in the environment for students on holidays, specially-set assignments are, in practice, rarely completed.  They can create a burden for parents, with no clear gain achieved.

Illness: Students who are ill are usually not able to complete work, however special arrangements can be made to assist a child in covering work missed.  Adjustments to assessments missed will be made following an illness.  If additional support is required when your child returns to school please make sure you discuss the matter with the Head of Year and a plan to assist your child will be put in place. Students who are absent due to conditions such as broken legs are able to work at home therefore we will arrange for work to be sent home.

How much homework should my child have?

Students often believe that they have no homework to do.
Homework can be any of the following :-

tiny-star Completion of work not finished in class.
tiny-star Preparation for class work, eg reading a novel
tiny-star Revision and study for tests and exams
tiny-star Completion of assessment items. These items usually count towards final marks and grades.

Homework helps students by reinforcing classroom learning, fostering good habits such as self-discipline, concentration and responsibility.
The regular setting of homework by teachers is school policy. Students should set aside time each day to complete class work and tasks set by the teachers. When no work has been set, this time can be used to revise, research or study for tests.

Suggested amount of time each day:
Year 7, 8 & 9 1 hour
Year 10 1.5 hours
Year 11 2 hours
Year 12 3 hours

Are there ways that my child can do more school study at home?

Reading & Writing: Children should read for several spaced half-hour periods (plus) each day. No “tests” of reading are needed, though a record of what’s been read can be kept. They can also write about thoughts, feelings, daily activities and past learning at school.

Revision: Students should read their notes and work books; then write from memory, jotted notes on important points; then mark their work for omissions and corrections. Repetition of this process leads to valuable over learning of important facts.

Online: Make use of Mathletics and the online service yourtutor.com.au, particularly for English, Mathematics and Science. All students were given their login cards at the beginning of the year.

Does my child have to wear a uniform?

School uniform is a tool for student safety. It helps staff easily recognise non-students and therefore assists staff in keeping students safe.

Wearing of the uniform brings with it many benefits such as: an enhanced college spirit, a reduction of rivalry between students, the promotion of the College’s public image, an increase in convenience, cost-saving for parents and preparation for work environments which have dress and safety codes.  The Uniform is endorsed by the College Board, the P & C committee and the Student Council.

We encourage working together in partnership with parents to get our students into full uniform.

The Department of Education’s policy on school dress code states schools and colleges make the wearing of a school uniform a requirement. Please note that for all Government Schools, denim items of clothing are not permitted as part of the College Uniform. 

What if I cant afford to buy my child a uniform?

Financial Assistance is available to low income families to enable them to meet dress code expectations. Families holding a Health Care card or Pensioner Concession Card may complete a Secondary Assistance Scheme form.  These are available from the administration office and entitle the recipient to $115 per child each year, specifically to assist the purchase of school uniforms. Applications for assistance close at the end of Term 1 each year.

How can I find out how my child is progressing?

The first stop is usually the classroom teacher: You can find the name of teachers on your child’s timetable. Alternatively you can contact the Head of Year who can liaise with staff on your behalf. Send the college an email, marking attention to the applicable staff member and it will be forwarded daily.

What if my child has a problem with his/her peers/teachers?

If you have concerns about the academic or social progress of your child, whether or not they are fitting in, conflict with another student or staff member, ring the staff member concerned and chat about the issue or make an appointment to come and meet with the teacher.


The Head of Year is usually the best place to start as they have a good grasp of what is going on in each year group and will assist you. For more complex problems, make an appointment to speak with the college Psychologist. The College Chaplain is also there to help and is of great support to the students and families through difficult times.  Please call Student Services on 9206 6561 if you are not sure and we can direct your enquiry to the appropriate staff member for resolution

The person who knows a child best is the parent. So we would be grateful of anything that you can tell us to make your child’s time at Wanneroo Secondary College happy and safe.

Can my child bring my mobile phone/iPod to school?


Mobile phones and iPods are an integral part of 21st Century life. It is important that students and staff observe correct protocols. Mobile phones and iPods must be switched off and out of sight during class. Other Electronic Devices are used as instructed by the classroom teacher. This requirement is Department of Education policy and applies to all government schools.

Teachers will regularly remind students that they must turn off their phones and iPods and put them out of sight. Students who do not follow this requirement will have their phone or iPod confiscated.

tiny-star 1st Offence – The classroom teacher confiscates the item until the end of the zone.
tiny-star 2nd Offence – The classroom teacher confiscates the item and passes it to the Principal. It will be able to be collected at the end of the day.
tiny-star 3rd Offence – The classroom teacher confiscates the item and passes to the Principal. The child’s parents will be notified and a time arranged for the item to be collected.

NB: Students who bring mobile phones, or any electronic equipment, to school must accept full responsibility for the safety of the item. The Department of Educations insurance policy does not provide cover for the private property of students.