Students have a diverse range of abilities, talents, ambitions and dreams. At Wanneroo Secondary College, in addition to our Specialist and Elite programs, we provide a wide range of challenging, enjoyable and rewarding opportunities in many fields, believing that these will attract the students’ attention, increase their interest and participation levels and give them the best possible chance to excel in the fields that suit them best while helping them reach their potential and “star in their future”.

Dream, Believe, Learn and Succeed…
“Star in Your Future”

Our football teams and invited students, tour Australia and other countries challenging themselves physically, intellectually and also emotionally: building character and expanding their horizons.

We embrace our multi cultural country and celebrate the value added to our community by the families from around our world.

Our Japanese exchange program is a valuable experience in which students can observe and participate.

We encourage students interested in entering the workforce to speak to their Heads of Year and negotiate some work experience in years 9 and 10 or select Work Place Learning as a course in year 11 and 12.

As our college grows we look forward to expanding the opportunities available to students who practice and promote our values, extending the cultural learning to include more:

tiny-star Performance opportunities
tiny-star Performance exhibitions
tiny-star Visual art exhibitions
tiny-star Personal growth and development programs
tiny-star Multicultural programs