Mobile Phone, iPods & Electronic Devices



Mobile phones and iPods are an integral part of 21st Century life. It is important that students and staff observe correct protocols. Mobile phones and iPods must be switched off and out of sight during class. Other Electronic Devices are used as instructed by the classroom teacher. This requirement is Department of Education policy and applies to all government schools.


1. Teachers will regularly remind students that they must turn off their phones and iPods and put them out of sight.

2. Students who do not follow this requirement will have their phone or iPod confiscated.

tiny-star1st Offence – The classroom teacher confiscates the item until the end of the zone.
tiny-star2nd Offence – The classroom teacher confiscates the item and passes it to the Principal. It will be able to be collected at the end of the day.
tiny-star3rd Offence – The classroom teacher confiscates the item and passes to the Principal. The child’s parents will be notified and a time arranged for the item to be collected.

3 The use of mobile phones to take photos during school or school activities is not permitted at any time. Students are not permitted to use a mobile phone (still and video) to film people and their activities without their knowledge and/or permission and any student found to be involved in recording, distributing or uploading inappropriate images or videos of students, parents or staff on school premises will be suspended immediately.

4 Staff may invite students to photograph their work to share their achievements with their parents and to keep a record of their progress.
NB: Students who bring mobile phones, or any electronic equipment, to school must accept full responsibility for the safety of the item. The Department of Educations insurance policy does not provide cover for the private property of students.