Welcome to Wanneroo S.T.E.M. Expo 2017

Last year we hosted the first Wanneroo Science Fair where we introduced our NAO Humanoid Robot to local primary school students and  visitors from the local community, to rave revues.   This year we add to that our new virtual goggles, where users can take a virtual trip to locations across the globe, or maybe get up close to historical landmarks, dive underwater with sharks or even visit outer space!

As if that is not exciting enough for any science buff, we are organising Chemistry experiments, hair raising Physics displays and demonstrations, and human biology dissections for show.  Participants and spectators will learn about rockets, health, food and social science.  They will be able to get in touch with the technology of coding, laser 3D printing and robotics demo’s and learn the Mathematical skills that lead to careers such as Engineering.  There will be Minecraft, Chemical bingo and math games, microscopic investigation, activities demonstrating mining and crystals, and more.

Year 12 students have been busy making and testing rockets for demonstrations as well as practicing the use of our new virtual goggles in preparation for the inaugural S.T.E.M. Expo (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)  where students will help staff in hosting a variety of activities, experiments and interactive demonstrations about all things S.T.E.M.

We will have over 300 primary students attend through the afternoon, before the Expo opens at 3 until 4pm when we open our doors and welcome members of the public to come in to experience a sample of the new and evolving world of S.T.E.M.  Visitors can;

  • participate in activities like;
    • Virtual reality goggle experience
    • knit with Nitinol wire,
    • mind blowing and hair raising physics activities
    • Chemical Bingo,
    • Mine-craft
    • cool insect displays,
    • body parts dissections,
    • mind-boggling  Math games
    • demonstrations in crystals and mining
  • learn about the
    • Chemistry of Dry Ice,
    • rocket science of fireworks.  
    • 3D laser cutting
    • Robotics and coding
  • Watch a performance with a guest appearance by our resident Humanoid Robot who is always a favourite.

Check out some of last years pictures at https://www.wanneroosc.wa.edu.au/wanneroo-science-fair-2016/